Desktop Computers – Still Relevant in Today’s Business World

With the invention of laptops came the eventual realization that they may replace desktop computers. After all, having a portable computer is something that is very convenient in modern-day society. However, there are many reasons you will still see workstation computers in use at many businesses around the globe.
First of all, many workstation computers and laptop computers that have similar hardware and memory specifications are not similarly priced. Workstation computers tend to be considerably less expensive when compared to laptops. Some companies offer discounts on orders of large quantities of workstation computers because they know that they are traditionally used in business settings. In an effort to save money, businesses will likely still choose workstation computers over laptops.Secondly, workstation computers are traditionally more secure in a business setting. It is very easy for an employee or customer of a business to steal a laptop computer. A workstation computer has less chance of being stolen, mostly due to its lack of portability. Also, some businesses don’t want their employees to have the opportunity to take the laptops home with them to use them as personal computers; therefore, workstation computers are more secure in that sense as well.

Thirdly, workstation computers are typically easier to upgrade, modify and service than laptop computers. If you’ve ever opened a laptop shell, you know that everything is very compact and more difficult to maneuver around when you are trying to repair or upgrade certain aspects of the computer. On the other hand, upon opening a workstation computer case, you will see that workstation models are very easy to repair and upgrade. This is usually because there is more space in which to work.

Fourthly, a lot of businesses require that their computers have many peripheral ports in order to connect USB devices, printers and other things that are needed in the business environment. Laptops typically don’t have nearly as many peripheral ports as workstation computers.

Fifthly, there is a concern amongst businesses that laptops can be easily damaged if they are dropped. Any employee can pick up a laptop they are working with and inadvertently drop the computer. Replacing damaged laptops is not cost efficient in the business atmosphere. Workstation computers are not meant to be picked up regularly, and therefore, there is less chance of an employee damaging a workstation computer. Some components are also easier and more cost efficient to replace on a workstation computer. For instance, replacing a keyboard on a workstation computer is much cheaper than replacing it on a laptop computer. The same perspective applies to a trackpad; computer mice are typically much cheaper than laptop trackpads. Not only are keyboards and mice cheaper for workstation models, they are also much easier to replace on workstations. If an employee spills a drink on a laptop keyboard, the computer may need an expensive replacement that must be done by a computer professional. However, if an employee spills a drink on a workstation keyboard and damages it, the keyboard can be easily and inexpensively replaced without the need to hire a professional.

With all the reasons stated, you can see why businesses will continue to use workstation computers in the future.

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